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I always recommend that my artwork be printed. Images look great on the computer screen but to see them at their best in full resolution at 300 ppi is the way they should be enjoyed. It's one of the reasons I produced my art book, so people can see my work in full detail and correct colour. 

I use Bay Photo in California to produce the prints ordered here on my webpage. You can choose what to get your art piece printed on and even have it framed if you like. Once you're finished your order it will be shipped right to your door.

To order prints find an image you like on this website then click on the 'buy photo' link. Choose to have your art piece printed onto canvas, paper or even metal. Choose your size and even have it framed if you like. Make your secure payment and your art piece will be shipped right to your door.

Ordering Original Art Pieces

What makes an art piece original? An art piece that has a direct link to the artist via his own signature by hand or a hand embellished print makes it an original piece. Original art pieces are great investments and much more valuable then non original prints of the same image.

To order original DanSun art pieces contact me using the link above. I will personally create your print from my own lab and hand sign it before it gets delivered to you. Your original art piece will also come with a certificate of authenticity signed by myself.

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