The Thirsty Horse

Sometimes our trauma impairs our ability to know we're impaired. All the help can be available to us, but if we don't know we're injured, how can we ask for support? Creating programs and trowing money at mental health programs for emergency workers isn't enough if it's not getting to the people who need it.

The fish won't jump in the boat when you're fishing; they need to be netted. Just like the dying horse in this image, we may not know what our recovery looks like, even if it's right on front of us. Why would this horse drink when he doesn't even know he's thirsty.

Proactive and preventative measures should be made to lower the non traumatic stressors like 'Station Stress'. When we're involved in potentially damaging calls, we shouldn't be asked if we need the CISM team; they should be activated automatically.

Have a safe weekend, everyone. Respectfully, DanSun 

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