Into the Resus Room - Images 2, 3 & 4

Friends' statements:

"I think he took some drugs"

"We found him cutting himself"

"He said he wanted to cut his hand off"

-No allergies that they know of

-They don't know what drugs he took

-They don't know about his medical history

You see multiple lacerations to his left wrist and his hand is partially amputated. No other trauma is seen. His friends said he was using a kitchen bread knife.

The patient is responsive to painful stimuli only with a weak and rapid carotid pulse. His pupils are dilated and non-reactive. His airway is open and clear.

What would your priority treatments be for this patient?

Image 5 will be posted tomorrow with more vitals. (this is a staged series and although it's based on a real call this is a mock scenario)

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