Drained & Spent

Despite several studies showing the sources of our stressors, we still seem to only focus on traumatic stressors when we speak about PTSD/PTSI/OSI etc. What happens around that traumatic stress can be what really sinks us or makes us thrive. Balancing our traumatic experiences with pressures from home, work politics and our peers can be a real struggle at times. With the extra strain of working face to face with Covid, many of us are almost ready to snap.

The medic in this image is drained and spent; his emotion is indifferent. He’s at his edge and just wants all his stressors to end. I am validating the way you’re feeling; I support you, and as a fellow emergency worker, I understand. Most of us are really good at hiding our tension, so we don’t know what’s banging around in the heads of others. It’s never wrong to just be nice to each other; it may make all the difference in the world to someone.

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