Resus Room - Images 19, 20 & 21

The patient's friends are asked if they would like to see the patient before he goes up to surgery. An honest description of the patient's condition is explained to the friends, and the next steps of his treatment are given.

Do you feel it is an important step for friends or family to see the patient at this point? Or would you have taken the patient straight up to surgery?

This is the last post for this series. The actual time in the ER for this patient was less than 25 minutes. He coded twice but did survive and was eventually discharged from the hospital. Calls like this and other emergencies happen daily in ERs all over the world. This series is dedicated to all those ER teams who work with critical patients and those not so critical.

A huge thanks to Jean and her emergency department team at the Grey Nuns Hospital in Edmonton. If you would like me to come and create a similar photo series of a mock emerge call at your department, contact me using the link above.

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