Resus Room - Images 10, 11 & 12

Cardiac Arrest

While placing the laryngoscope the patient goes into V-Fib. The patient is defibrillated and CPR is started.

Recap: The patient was brought into the ER by two friends. They stated they found him trying to cut his hand off with a bread knife "blood everywhere!". They don't know any of his history. The patient loses consciousness as they enter the ER. The patient is hypotensive, two IV lines have been established. Tox-screen is negative but a baggy of bath salts (synthetic cathinone) is found in his shoe. The patient is in hemorrhagic shock and has overdosed on bath salts. He goes into cardiac arrest while the team attempts to place an advanced airway.

Just a reminder, this is a staged scenario. I've been getting some messages from upset people thinking these are photos of an actual event.

What do you think are the next steps for treating this patient?

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