Resus Room - Images 7, 8 & 9

2nd set of vitals:

GCS -3

ECG - Sinus Tach with couplet, unifocal PVCs

BP - 78/40

HR - 130

RR - 17 shallow (prior to OPA and BVM) Weak carotid pulse only SPO2 - %100 (OPA and BVM)

Temp - 37.6 C

Tox Screen is negative however a small baggy of brown crystal-like substance is found in the patient's shoe. The bag is mostly empty. (no cocaine but I liked the brown-brown diagnosis from some of you. I wasn't aware of that drug)

Advanced airway is being placed

Two large-bore IVs are inserted

Pads are places and ECG is being monitored.

The OR is being prepped and blood has been ordered.

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