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A little taste of what you'll get

I have spent countless hours reading, taking courses, attending conferences and just pushing buttons and sliding levers to see what they do. The result is I have figured out how to work all these programs and have developed a style I like and is recognizable.

In this series I will show you what I have learned . I explain every step while working my way from start to finish on 5 different images. You will see over 7 hours of my workflow showing how I edit and create my artwork. Below is a brief description of what you will learn in each video. I'm hoping you will take what I have learned and develop your own recognizable style.

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The Basics

Video 1

1 hour 58 minutes

In this first segment I create this image explaining the techniques I use in Photoshop, Lightroom and Photomatix. Old cars or trucks look great with these techniques, you will learn the little tricks I use while editing cars to give them that really cool look.

Video 2

2 hours 10 minutes

I include spirits in many of my PTSD images. In segment 2 of my workflow video I show you how I created this image. I get several emails asking how I add the ghosts in my artwork, watch this video and learn how I do it.

Adding Spirits

Dealing with Moving Subjects and Multiple Exposures

Video 3

1 hour 5 minutes

HDR is a great way to capture accurate lighting in your images. The problem is when you take multiple exposures with moving subjects they will be in a different spot with each exposure. In this segment I show how I manage moving objects. I captured this image during the Veteran's Day Parade in Nashville last year, this classic firetruck was moving down the street and many of the people on the street were moving as well.

Video 4

1 hour 2 minutes

Landscapes really aren't my forte but I really like the way this one turned out. In this video I show you how I get that sharp textured look on the rocks and how to mask in a different sky. I also go over a sharping technique using a blur filter in Photoshop, that's right, sharpening with blurring. 

Landscapes and Skies

One shot HDR

Video 5

1 hour 20 minutes

Sometimes when you use Photomatix or HDR EFex Pro you get some crazy effects that you just don't want. Sometimes you also get ghosting or blurred results when merging multiple images. This is a one shot HDR image. In this video I will show you how I creating it by copying that one RAW image several time and changing each one to get the look I like.

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