Money raised from these products will be used to support a mental health educational scholarship and the Kids with Cancer Society.

Hard Cover Art Books

“Another incredible book depicting what us first responders deal with daily. The detail and vivid images are so hauntingly real. This book will give you the best look and understanding into what we see and deal with every shift we work, and what lives with us forever.....” - Trent Wilson

“Both books just arrived yesterday. I got #155 signed copy and I absolutely loved it. I shared them with my local ambulance service and they connected with a lot of the portraits. Beautiful work by an amazing artist! 2018 calendar is next in my list to get. Thank you Dan! Your amazing.” - Bo Anders

“Compelling artwork. I knew I had to have the second book. Thank you for "getting it". You've helped me more than you know.” - Ricky Pena

“I received my second book a few days ago... Once again, I was brought to tears by the raw emotions that you are able to capture. A beautiful testimony to the very real aspects of life as a first responder. It never really leaves you”. - Claudine Coughlin

Portraits of an Emergency Chapter 2 - $69.00

Portraits of an Emergency - $59.00


"I am a Paramedic based in the UK in the ‘Forest of Dean’, Gloucestershire, I LOVE your art and you would be welcome here anytime for a visit – thank you for highlighting us xx"

"Thanks a lot for your work! This one will go in our agency break roomJust ordered 2 of your calendars. Our son is a corporal with the local police force"

"I have the utmost respect for your art work regarding first responders. You do amazing work. Thank you for that…great knowing that I will also be supporting kids with cancer."

"This is going up in our 911 Dispatch center. We need to know someone understands and appreciates what we do and who’s 6 we have.. Thin Gold Line"

Print Sales

"My husband and I went to see your Art Show today at Lotus Art Gallery in Edmonton.  As the wife of a man who worked security at the hospitals, a medic in the reserves and a Federal Peace Office at the Max, I have witnessed a very brave man, fight to find words. I have stood beside him, waiting, as he struggled to find words to say what happened to him at work today. 

I can't do anything about it but listen but today DanSun,  you gave me a gift, a gift I never thought I needed and a gift I never thought I would receive. Today, as we looked at your artwork we read the stories. I watched part of my husband do something far stronger then be a military medic, an EMT or a Corrections Guard . Today, I watched a tiny part of him heal. I watched him smile as he said "been there" I watched him tear up as memories came back to him and I listened to him talk. Today, he found the words without effort. His voice strong. His emotional response to your art pieces, appropriate. Thank you. Thank you for that gift. Your work is amazing. Keep it up."

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