DanSun NFTs

I've started creating cinemagraphs for my NFT art gallery; only one of each is available. The original, digital assets of these cinemagraphs can be purchased and the owner will be able to sell them in the future like traditional, original art pieces. Ownership is registered with an NFT or nonfungible token. Exciting times for both art collectors and digital artists. Click below to see my NFT Cinemagraphs on OpenSea.

DanSun on OpenSea

When you purchase one of my NFTs you will receive a certificate of ownership to the original digital asset, that cannot be duplicated or copied. The certificate of ownership is registered and tracked on the Ethereum Blockchain, an open-source, decentralized software platform. There's only one NFT registered for each on my cinemagraphs, once it's been purchased no more will be available. The owner may choose to sell their NFT later as the market changes and profit from their investment - just like investing in original, physical artwork.  Unlike purchasing one of my prints, these are the original digital assets, they are one of one and cannot be copied.

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