I love attending conferences and fundraisers. It’s a great opportunity to meet other first responders and hear about the connection they have to my artwork. I always have a display of my original artwork and offer smaller hand signed prints.

I usually speak at these events and my topic is always mental health, PTSD and post-traumatic growth. I share my personal battle with mental health and how it almost destroyed my life. More importantly, as a peer, I share my experience with post traumatic growth and recovery.

By far the best part of attending these events is meeting one on one with other first responders. After speaking with thousands of you I’ve learned we’re all so similar. We all have similar personalities, stories and experiences, we truly are not alone. That’s why I think these conferences are so important, it fosters a real connection within our community.

If you would like me to attend or speak at your event send me a message using the 'contact me' link above. I hope you're able to attend one of these upcoming events, if so drop by my table and say hi.




"My reaction to seeing his art and hearing his story was visceral, not only tears but a strong feeling of being understood."

"Thank you for being part of our regimental banquet awards gala. Your powerful message was very moving and your art work is truly amazing."

"Your presentation was powerful and extremely moving tonight. I am absolutely amazed by your artwork. Thank you for sharing it."

"He was amazing! His work is truly inspirational".

" I've seen you speak several times now and learn something every time. You were an inspiration as an instructor for EMT and even more so now. You are always so humble when you speak and your message is powerful. Keep up the great work "humble messenger".

"I was there and went to your session. Awesome work".

"It was a pleasure meeting Daniel at our recent Ontario Communicators Conference hosted by us - Greater Sudbury Police. Daniel spoke eloquently and candidly about turning his personal struggles into his inspiration for his wonderful artwork. Thank you Daniel for participating in our conference and for your gracious donations".


February 4th - 7th - Atlantic City, NJ, USA

                         - FMBA Educational Conference

February 8th - Columbus, Ohio, USA

               - Central Ohio Fire Museum presentation

March 5th - 8th - Brooklyn Park, MN, USA

                        - Long Hot Summer EMS Conference

March 27th - 30th - Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada

                       - OSI Can Conference (Cancelled)

May 7th - Swift Current, Saskatchewan, Canada

                        - NAOSH Presentation (Cancelled)

May 23rd -Witchita, Kansas, USA- Kansas

                -EMS Symposium (Cancelled)

June 15th & 16th - Long Beach, CA, USA

                - National NENA Conference

August 17 - 19 - Mashantucket, CT, USA                                           - EMS Pro Conference

August 24 - London, United Kingdom

                 - Mental Health Symposium, The Union Jack Club (Cancelled)

September 14th - 18th - Las Vegas, NV, USA

                - EMS World EXPO

September 28th & 29th -Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada                     

                          - PTSD Awareness Conference

October 10th - Bakersfield, CA, USA

                          - Mental Health Symposium

October 11th - 13th - Biloxi, MS, USA

               - Mississippi EMS Conference

November 19th - Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada

               -Saskatchewan Emergency Planners Association Conference


January 22nd - Leduc, Alberta, Canada             

               - Emergency Workers Mental Health Resource Symposium           

January 30 - 31 -Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada                  

                - PTSD Awareness Conference

February 6 - 7 - Jasper, Alberta, Canada                     

                - Alberta Association of Police Officers Conference

February 15th - Rosetown, Saskatchewan, Canada 

                 - Speaking session and book signing

February 22nd - Toronto, Ontario, Canada             

                 - Sunnybrook Emergency Department photo session

March 1st - 2nd - Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA  

                  - Long Hot Summer Conference

March 10th - 18th - Melbourne, Victoria, Australia                          

                - Victoria emergency services tour and photo sessions

April 7th -Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada            

                 - OSI Can Conference

May 29th - June 1st -Mashantucket, CT, USA             

                  - EMS Pro Conference

June 5th - 14th - Finland             

                  - Tour of EMS stations across Finland

September 12th - Wainwright, Alberta, Canada                                 

                  - Post Traumatic Growth Presentation

September 17th - Lloydminster, Alberta, Canada                                                

                  - Bordering on Disaster Conference

September  20th - Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada                     

                 - PTSD Awareness Conference

September 26th - 27th - Tampere, Finland                                             

                - Finn’EM2019 Conference

September 30th - October 2nd - Mississippi, USA                              

               - Mississippi EMS Conference  

October 6th - 7th -Canmore, Alberta, Canada                                    

               - Peer Recovery and Resiliency Society  Symposium                   

October 14th - 18th - New Orleans, LA, USA               

                 - EMS World Expo 2019

October 24th - 27th - Buffalo, New York, USA                                      

               - NYS EMS Vital Signs Conference

November 21st - 22nd -Covington, KY, USA                                       

               - St. Elizabeth Emergency Services Conference

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