DanSun Portrait

I create vibrant and authentic images that are a result of my experiences. If I have an emotional connection to an image, then I consider that artwork. When I get commissioned to create an art piece for a client, that's what I'm trying to achieve for them.

I was born in 1967 and raised in Canada. Being Canadian automatically makes me super nice and very apologetic, even when I don't need to be. I've been a full-time firefighter and paramedic since 2003, and that's where most of my motivation comes from when creating my artwork. I am passionate about raising mental health and PTSD awareness for my profession. I believe understanding, validation and support is the pathway to recovery. 

In my previous career, I was an English teacher. This allowed me to travel the world and live in many countries. While living in Japan, I even played in a Japanese blues band. Living in other countries shaped my personality and perspective on the world, travel continues to be my biggest teacher.

I first picked up a 'real' camera in 2014. I love the technical side of photography; it appeals to my geeky side. I also love photography's artistic side; it's great for the left and right sides of my brain. I continue to travel, learn about photography and work full time as a firefighter/paramedic. I'm genuinely humbled by all the attention my work has received, and I'm sure I'll keep creating until I'm old and wrinkly.

Thank you for visiting my page; feel free to email me through the 'contact me' link above.

Daniel Sundahl

DanSun Photo Art

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