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Daniel Sundahl

Artist / Firefighter / Paramedic / Traveller / loving husband and Step Dad ... not in that order...

About Me:
I was born in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada June 19, 1967. I've been fortunate enough to live in several countires and experience many cultures from around the world. Travel....Music....Photography...Art, throw in a little Paramedic work and Firefighting for excitement and that's me.

I provide my collectors with an original and personalized piece of art that celebrates their passion and accomplishments. I try to capture an emotional element in my artwork that goes beyond the image itself. My home is filled with my own personal artwork celebrating the things I love and that I'm proud of.

Stuff I use for photography:
Canon 5D mark iii, Sony A7R, Canon 14mm f2.8L, Sigma 50mm f1.4, Canon 24-105 mm f4L., Canon 70-200mm f2.8L. Photomatix Pro, Topaz Labs Adjust, Denoise and Sharpen, All the Nik Software stuff, Photoshop CC, Corel Painter X and Lightroom 5.

Thanks for visiting my page and feel free to use the 'contact me' link above if you would like to get in touch.


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Ambulance Disaster

When the call is over I'm usually pretty wired, especially if we had a save. It's disheartening to walk back to the truck after your paperwork and handoff report is done and have to look at this. The part that hits me is once we get this all cleaned up we may be doing it again right away...or we may be going for a routine, non emerge transfer. 

I love this job, I know in many of my pieces I'm showing the sadder or more negative sides but I do that to raise PTSD and mental health awareness. As dreary as this image looks I get excited looking at it. What bigger rush is there than to be trying to save a life.

Stay safe everyone.


Making Sense

Sometimes it's hard to comprehend why things happen. Why innocent children are killed or why people do certain things to each other. For a normal person it doesn't make sense why someone would murder a child or torture another human to death. Why would a whole family be killed in a car accident just because they had a flat? Why does a loving father die in front of his family while eating dinner because he choked on a chicken bone? it does not compute!!! It's hard to make sense of these things and I think that's what makes us crazy.

I know I've found myself just sitting there after a call, trying to process it, trying to make some sense of it. After many years doing this work I've learn that when it comes to life and death there is no sense. There is no right and wrong or fairness. I'm a believer of what comes around goes around and Karma.

I know many of my fellow First Responder Brothers and Sisters know what I'm talking about. These types of calls can really get in our heads and stay there forever. If you have one of these in your brain and can't shake it get help, get rid of it before it gets rid of you. Stay safe everyone and have a good weekend.


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